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We are skilled artisans working primarily in leather. Our primary markets include renaissance and medieval festivals and shows, SciFi conventions, goth and fetish fashions and accessories, and the film and television industries, producing costumes, props and wardrobe accessories.
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REPO! The Genetic Opera



Saw IV


Saw II

The Chair

Land of the Dead

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Dark Oracle

Starhunter 2300

What can we do for you?

We take a three-way approach to any project, whether it's outfitting a medieval-themed wedding, building a holster rig or fitting a corset: consultation, design, execution.
concept sketches for blaster shoulder holster


All projects begin with a consultation. We meet with a client, hear their requirements and ideas, look at their drawings if any and discuss them, and present ideas, options and sketches that outline functionality, options and usage.

Shoulder holster design drawing


Our experience with the limitations and capabilities of the materials and hardware available as well as our graphics and drafting expertise allow a precise design to be created, whether for a single item or several dozen. The Design phase may only involve a simple sketch or an elaborate blueprint and prototype forms and models.

Finished blaster shoulder holster


Using the finest materials appropriate for the job, we create handcrafted and finished pieces in a timely fashion that not only look good but are highly functional and durable as well. Turnover times are typically very short. Various types of leathers and finishes can be used to create a wide range of products, utiliizing heavy harness leathers as well as light-weight garment hides.

Coming Soon!

  • a mountain of images of our work from Darren Lynn Bousman's upcoming "REPO! The Genetic Opera"
  • a wide variety of armour, belts and vambraces from the upcoming viking thriller feature "Outlander"
  • restraints to hold Bruce Banner in the upcoming feature "The Incredible Hulk"

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    Fine leathercrafts for the new renaissance
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  • Fine leathercrafts for the new renaissance
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