This was a complex rig for a very large and heavy sword; 56 inches long and seven and a half pounds. The customer wanted to hang it over the back in a scabbard supported by a baldric, but the scabbard had to be detachable from the baldric so the sword could be drawn (no-one has arms long enough to draw a 56" sword from the back). Complicating the design was the fact that the customer was 6' 7" tall and very broad in the shoulders. We eventually designed a system where the tooled scabbard was held to the baldric by a "frog" with a hinged tongue and socket. the baldric itself presented problems as the weight of the sword and scabbard combined would cause the baldric to twist around the torso and let the sword drop down the back. this was solved by adding a matching belt, which went through a double slot at the lowest point of the baldric, locking it in position.

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