Costume concept design drawing supplied by the wardrobe department at Starhunter 2300. Click image for detail.
Consultation is possibly the most important part of a custom order. It establishes the scope, detail, practicality and "look and feel" of the finished product. From a simple concept, idea or sketch, we can create a workable plan and product concept that is highly functional, practical, attractive and durable, not to mention one that fits your budget. It also results in a written estimate or quotation for approval before any work begins to avoid future misunderstandings.

Consultation sketches based on the above drawing and subsequent meetings with "Starhunter 2300" wardrobe staff.
Click images for detail.

Thigh holster harness rig concept sketches as presented to the client. The prop weapon to be holstered is big and blocky, about the size of a brick, and about as easily handled.

Shoulder holster rig concept sketches as presented to the client. At this point the weapon design hadn't been approved and it might have been a reasonably-sized design (if not somewhat bulky), or a truly humongous weapon, requiring an articulated, pivotting holster as shown. We needed a solution for either route.

Thigh holster and gunbelt concept sketches for the female lead as presented to the client. The construction of a fitted, low-waisted gunbelt was approved, but the final design underwent several revisions before final approval was given.
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