Shoulder Holster pattern draft

Pattern drawing for "Starhunter 2300" shoulder holster based on prop weapon measurements. Click image for detail.
The design phase of a project of any size may involve a quick discussion or a detailed drawing, with moulding models and prototypes built, depending on the clients' requirements. Something as simple as a sword scabbard may only require a quick sketch and a tracing of the blade, while a complex-shaped prop weapon may require a wooden model to be built to wet-mould the leather holster around and a prototype piece constructed to determine the pattern layout.

Various stages of design for a variety of items.
Click images for detail.

The client asked for a pair of knife sheaths that looked "futuristic"... a tough call when working with leather, which is a very traditional material. The blade has been traced and the priliminary sheath pattern has been worked out. This is a typical example of one of our smaller jobs.

A simple set of sword scabbards were required for a pair of battle-ready spring-steel swords and a rondel. The concept and design were simple enough, but the length of the swords required some options to the system to prevent the tips from dragging on the floor, and a picture is worth a thousand words...

A very large (17" long), heavy and bulky weapon with a lot of complex shapes to it required a complex wood and plastic moulding model in order to create a functional holster. If the holster was moulded directly on the prop weapon, certain in-curve surfaces would have made it impossible to draw it from the holster, making it necessary to build a moulding form to build the holster on. Here a prototype piece of leather has already been moulded on the form and has trim marks and moulding lines noted on it while the weapon is in place.

A "blaster"-type prop weapon and the wet-moulding wooden form for building the holster, plus two other holster forms.

Paper pattern building for an elaborate collared vest to be made of harness leather and heavy PVC.
Completed items based on the above design and prototyping work can be seen on the Execution page.
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