Finished shoulder holster

Completed hand-moulded and crafted shoulder holster and harness for a blaster-type prop weapon from "Starhunter 2300". Click image for details.
Careful planning and design is followed by skilled execution and manufacture of an item. With more than thirty combined years in the leathercrafts business, we have the skill and expertise to select the right hide and tools to product an article that not only looks good but is also functional, practical, comfortable and very durable.

Click images for detail.

The finished throwing knife sheaths are lightweight, functional, a little different in the design in order to show off the blade and to try to keep something of a science fiction flavour, and adjustable for right- or left-handed use. The knives are 11" long.

These weapons are used in a live-steel medieval combat group and are very heavy and sturdy. The scabbards and swordbelts needed to match their capabilities as well as look good for public demonstrations. They are of a three-part "sandwich" hand-dyed and finished construction with two keeper straps to stabilize the blades during movement. The two swords have blade lengths of 36" and 28". The rondel blade is 17" long.

A blaster holster and gunbelt for "Starhunter 2300" for one of the female leads. The belt itself is slung very low on the hips and had to be cut on a curve to fit and wear comfortably while still supporting the weight of the prop weapon. All points of attachment are adjustable for fit, comfort and functionality. It was a very slim and sexy weapon, and we went for a very slim and sexy holster for it.

More weapons from "Starhunter 2300": the prop weapon is very large, heavy, has some complex shapes, and the actor wanted to wear two of them off the hip, making the holsters a tricky thing to build. Besides the weapon issues, the actor that wears these is 6' 5" and quite large. A custom heavy-duty double-thickness sewn gunbelt had to be built to support both five-pound prop weapons and keep the whole rig comfortable.

This piece was justified as a contribution item to a goth/fetish fashion show, but was primarily done just for fun. The body of the vest is heavy English Bridle harness leather and the collar is 1/8" clear vinyl. The lacing in front and back allow for a surprising amount of fit for a variety of sizes (even cup size), and we're told this design is far more comfortable to wear than it looks.
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